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Would you like early access to Kyra’s books? If so, you can do that right now on Ream! There, Kyra will be sharing the first drafts of her ongoing projects for you, where you can leave comments and make suggestions as she writes! Simply following her on her new platform will give you updates on her work – more so than regular social media – but if you wish to see more, you can subscribe for some awesome extras!

Teaser graphic showing an attractive, muscular male wearing a tight white t shirt with caption I hadn't expected to be greeted with a pair of green eyes so mesmerising I almost lost my breath and a set of perfect lips I'd imagined dancing across every inch of my skin.

The main project right now is the steamy sports romance set at a football club in the UK. If you have been following Kyra for a while, you will recognise it as an updated version of her debut novel, Game On. The new version of it is similar enough for readers to feel familiar, but different enough that it is absolutely worth taking another dive in! The chemistry is hotter, and the characters are feistier than ever!

Access to this story is just ONE of many potential benefits of joining the Ream community. Why not take a look?
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