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Hear What You Want

Chaos and Consent Book One

Cover of Hear What You Want featuring a young girl with bright green eyes and pink and purple hair, holding a broken record by her face.

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“Hear What You Want looks at the foggy nature of consent and the borderline terrifying mob mentality of the internet.” (Scout Dawson, Author)

“One of the best books I’ve read in recent years. If you like stories such as 13 Reasons Why and Pretty Little Liars, you’ll love this.” (Clare Dugmore, Author)

Things I wanted: A great night out, and to meet my favourite band. Things I didn’t want: To wake up the next morning with my underwear beside me on the floor and a large chunk missing from my memory. Guess which one I got.

Things I wanted: To meet a pretty girl at my band’s gig and have some fun. Things I didn’t want: To find a photo of me and the pretty girl on social media with people questioning whether or not I raped her. But here we are. And that one photo? It changed everything.

**This book contains sensitive topics that some may find upsetting