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Hear What You Want

Chaos and Consent Book One

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One photo. Two lives changed forever.

When Ambra McKenna wakes up almost-naked in a hotel room and missing pieces of her memory, the only clue she has about how she got there are the empty alcohol bottles all over the floor.

That, and the half-dressed rock star lying beside her.

Ambra remembers the sizzling attraction she and Chaos In The Courtyard’s frontman Noah Garcia had for each other while she photographed his band the night before. But what happened at the after party?

When a photo emerges on social media of the two of them making out, both Ambra and Noah’s reputations are on the line. Is she just a desperate band groupie trying to get attention by sleeping with the sexy singer, or did Noah take advantage of her while she was drunk?

As accusations fly, one thing becomes clear. Something did happen to Ambra that night, and that one photo is all the evidence they have.

However, sometimes… the camera does lie..

**This book contains trigger warnings for sexual assault and social media bullying.