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Say What You Feel

Chaos and Consent Book Two

The truth is meant to set you free.
For Ambra McKenna, it’s proving to be the complete opposite.

Still branded a liar by those she thought were her friends, she’s now faced with a choice – face the man who violated her in a trial to quieten the lies and misinformation, or slink away to quieten the relentless online attacks and rebuild her shattered trust in private.

With the weight of the decision crushing her and her self-worth at an all-time low, Ambra is pulled out of the darkness by the one person who has endured every moment of this nightmare with her. Noah Garcia.

But after being betrayed by almost everyone she loves, she no longer trusts herself. How could she ever learn to trust him?

When Ambra refuses to let her attacker go unpunished, she has to gather her strength and find a way to restore her confidence. But will facing him and revisiting her nightmares set her free, or is she destined to be imprisoned in her pain?

This book contains trigger warnings for sexual assault, social media bullying, suicide attempt and severe depression.