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Re-Writing Christmas

A small town friends to lovers romance

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When Nova McKay visits her elderly neighbour for some festive treats, she gets a little more than she bargained for…

Renowned travel blogger, Donovan Cain, has been forced to return to England for the first time in ten years to spend some time with his recently widowed grandmother. It isn’t long before Nova realises that Donovan is actually “little Donnie”, the boy she played with during her childhood Christmases, when his family visited town for the holidays. From the pint-sized kid he used to be, he’s now, tall, broad, and all kinds of attractive.

However, in the twenty years since they last saw each other, the fun-loving child Nova used to know has hardened into a cynical adult. Unwilling to deal with his self-centred attitude towards his grieving grandma and having his travel plans scuppered, Nova sets out to remind Donovan that small-town life isn’t the drag he’s making it out to be.

Will she be able to melt his cold heart, or will he walk away leaving Nova’s Christmas memories tainted forever?

Re-Writing Christmas is a standalone small-town friends to lovers holiday romance set in England (UK). It has elements of hurt/comfort and grumpy/sunshine, along with a feisty grandmother, and large amounts of Hallmark-esque festive cuteness.