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Picture (Im)Perfect

An Enemies to Lovers Romance

Cover for Picture Imperfect featuring an attractive young couple embracing, with a rack of wedding dresses hanging behind them.

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Tegan Lloyd is a woman on the edge. After getting unceremoniously dumped by her cheating boyfriend, Tegan is also dangerously close to losing her bridal boutique—the one thing in her life she has made a success of.

When she gets a brilliant idea of how to save her business, she sets about finding the one thing she needs to pull it all together. A recommendation throws sexy photographer Cameron Davis into her path. While he’s great at his job, his arrogance and distaste for all things ‘wedding’ makes Tegan re-think her entire plan. However, in a small town and with little notice, her options are limited.

Desperate and short on time, she knows she needs Cameron’s help, and fast. Unfortunately, he knows it too. Can Tegan push aside her mounting attraction to the cocky cameraman to save her career, or will his constant habit of pushing her buttons see it wilting faster than a discarded bride’s bouquet?

Picture (Im)Perfect is a standalone romance.