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Nobody Knows

Razes Hell Book One

Cover for Nobody Knows featuring an attractive tattooed bearded man under a spotlight.

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It’s not easy being friends with rising rock stars – especially when you’re the glue holding them together.

Razes Hell are climbing the charts, and Ellie can’t believe her childhood friends, Drew and Jason Brooks, are drawing in crowds after years spent playing in dodgy bars.

From obscurity to overnight success, Ellie soon realizes life in the public eye isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when dark secrets become headline news and old conflicts are re-ignited.

When a fake feud meant to boost the band’s popularity threatens to rip the boys apart for real, Ellie finds herself torn when her loyalty to Jason collides with her blossoming relationship with Drew.

Nobody knows how deep their issues run—nobody but Ellie. With friendship, a music career, and a new love on the line, can Ellie keep their tangled pasts from ruining their futures?