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Take What You Need

Chaos and Consent Book Three

The nightmare is over, so why hasn’t the pain stopped?

When Ambra left the courtroom, she thought she’d reached the end of the most harrowing chapter of her life. Months later, though, the man who destroyed her refuses to loosen his grip. As if the visits in her nightmares weren’t enough, now he’s sending letters too.

On an end-of-year break to New York with Noah, his band, and their closest friends, all Ambra wants to do is have fun and forget. Instead, her memories continue to torment her until the only thing she can do is shut herself off from everyone.

With tensions between Ambra and Noah at an all-time high, Ambra is certain she’s in danger of losing him if she keeps pushing him away, but she just can’t find the words to explain why she’s so withdrawn.

When an unexpected ally helps Ambra to see her own strength, she realises what she needs to do, but is it too late to save her relationship with Noah after keeping him at arm’s length for so long?

After going through hell to finally be together, will they make it through the flames unscathed, or are they destined to crash and burn?